About Us

Redge International is a Digital first premier international university admissions consultant and oversea job placement expert. We leverage on our more than 20-years combined international experience to deliver on your personal aspirations of studying or working abroad. Our services are available to all countries in Africa with a focus in East and West Africa. We forge ahead with mutual respect and utter professionalism in the way we engage with you. We respect diversity of our clientele. Your happiness in the long run after securing your admission as a student; brightens our faces as we seek to democratize access to opportunities for all.

  • Abroad-centrism  As Redge, our top priority is the professional or students who wants to dare abroad.
  • Happy, Laugh, Joke! We practice these any time and every time. We endeavor to promote personal happiness which eventually has a ripple effect on everyone at Redge.
  • Listen and act We listen to our colleagues; our professionals and other stakeholders concerns and feedback in developing a win-win situation in most cases.
  • Togetherness in Growth We always advocate for growth in all aspects of life and we shall celebrate each element of each other’s journey.
  • Own the hustle We love our professionals and students alike and will go to whatever extend to ensure that we get enough opportunities for them

To create growth oriented opportunities for professionals and students whose objective is to dare abroad.

We intent to make the students and our engine (the people behind) to own the journey, allow the interests of the journey be at par or supersede our personal interests. This will be made possible by instituting feedback mechanisms, listening more than everyone in the room and enabling everyone to own and defend the Redge International process. This will be exemplified by the below values which will be espoused in each member of the Redge International team