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While it’s acceptable to not know what you want to do with your life after college, if you do know and are unsure of which degree to pursue, the table below can assist you in determining which degree will best prepare you for that path. After graduation, additional education could be necessary for some of these professions. These are by no means the only employment available to you, but they’re a terrific place to start.

Career type Degrees to lead you there
Accounting Accounting, maths, economics
Acting Drama, dance, performing arts
Advertising Advertising, business, management, communications, English, marketing, communication, media studies, graphic design, illustration, fine art
Air cabin crew Hospitality management, languages, leisure and tourism, travel
Archaeologist Archaeology, ancient history, geography, history, sociology, Classics
Barrister Law
Broadcast journalist Journalism, business, finance, economics, politics
Building surveyor Economics, geography, languages, mathematics, science, social sciences, urban and land studies
Charity worker Business, management, finance, accounting, languages, computer science, engineering
Dancer Dance, theatre studies
Dentist Dentistry
Dietician Life sciences, human physiology, biochemistry
Digital marketing Advertising, media studies, communications, business, journalism, marketing
Doctor Medicine
Ecologist Life sciences, biology, botany, environmental management, geography, marine biology, zoology
Economist Economics, mathematics
Engineer Engineering (all forms), mathematics, physics
Environmental worker Chemistry, ecology, geology, environmental engineering, geography
Estate agent Business, estate management, property development, surveying, urban and land studies
Events Business, event management, leisure and tourism, marketing
Facilities manager Building management, business studies, construction, hospitality, management, surveying
Farm manager Agriculture, horticulture, land or estate management
Fashion designer Fashion, textiles, graphic design, fashion marketing, art and design
Forensic scientist Biological sciences, chemistry, forensic science
Game developer Animation, computer science, graphic design, mathematics, physics, software engineering
GP Medicine
Graphic designer Film/television, fine art, graphic design, illustration, photography
Health and safety Engineering, environmental health, physical and applied sciences
Heritage Archaeology, education, geography, museum studies, history, marketing
Hotel management Business with languages, business, management, hotel and hospitality, travel, tourism and leisure studies
Human resources Business with languages, business, management, human resources, psychology, sociology
Illustrator Graphic design, illustration, fine art, fashion
Insurance Business, management, economics, marketing, mathematics
Interpreter Linguistics, modern languages, translation and interpreting
IT Business studies, computer science, mathematics, physics, engineering
Magazine/newspaper journalist Journalism, English
Make-up artist Fashion, theatrical and media hair and make-up
Marketing Advertising, business, management, media and communications, IT, computer science, marketing, psychology
Museum curator History, history of art, languages, English literature
Nurse/midwife Nursing, midwifery
Nutrition Dietetics, food, nutrition and health
Office manager Business administration, business management, computing and IT, human resource management
Optician Optometry
Paramedic Paramedic science
Pharmacist Pharmacy, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, biomedical science, pharmacology
Photographer Art and design, fine art, graphics, media studies, photography
Teacher Education, physical and life sciences, humanities, social sciences
Production manager Biochemistry, business, management, chemistry, engineering, food science, physics
Public relations English, creative writing, business, management, marketing, social sciences, politics
Publishing Publishing, media and communications, English
Quantity surveyor Construction, engineering, economics, geography, mathematics
Retail Business
Sales Business, management, marketing, computing, engineering, technology, media studies
Social work Law, politics, social care, social sciences
Solicitor Law
Sports Health science, sports science
Statistician Economics, geography, mathematics, psychology
Theatre Drama, theatre studies, performing arts, music
Tourism Tourism management, marketing, business,  journalism, languages, media studies
Translation Languages, linguistics, English
Vet Veterinary science, biology, zoology
Writer Communication and media studies, creative writing, English, journalism, performing arts

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