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Take the road less traveled with the coolest courses in the world.

Choosing the right courses to pursue, in addition to your formal training, can significantly enhance your resume & employability. Here are the top 10 coolest courses in the world that are gaining popularity due to their exceptional benefits!

The global job market is booming, with many dynamic career opportunities for aspirants. However, have you ever thought of offbeat, trending courses? The coolest courses in the world that make you stand out from the crowd?

Selecting the right course that aligns with your interests and professional goals can work wonders. It can help you achieve your career prospects and create a strong base for yourself. So, we’ve curated the list of the top 10 coolest courses in the world just for you. Let’s dig in to see!

Top 10 coolest courses in the world for you!

Several challenging courses are available in various formats, including university-level degrees and summer certification courses. It provides the advantage of mixing and matching different courses to help you create a unique set of skills needed in the global economy. Given below are our top picks for the coolest courses in the world!

1. Sustainability and renewable energy 

Sustainability, as a matter of fact, is a core target that millions of organizations across the world are aiming to achieve. With an increasing amount of awareness placed on working clean and green, employees need to have a basic understanding of sustainability in the corporate world.

Pursuing an online course in sustainability and renewable energy can equip you with a wide range of skills needed to preserve natural resources. This will significantly enhance your awareness of the Earth’s natural cycles and how corporate functioning can affect the same (directly and indirectly).

What will you learn in this course?

With a course in sustainability and renewable energy, you will be trained in the following core concepts-

  • Solar and clean energy trends around the world
  • Greening the economy
  • The Earth’s dynamic weather cycle and influence on the population

As part of this course, you will also be trained in the technology and economics needed to convert organizational processes into sustainable ones.

2. Game design

The University of Southern California’s game design program ranks the best in the US.

If one of your favorite activities includes playing video games, then pursuing a course in game design can be an excellent choice to make! Not only can you make money doing what you love, but you will also gain a wide range of skills that will improve your employability prospects.

Video game designers and software developers with relevant skills are often employed by some of the top organizations in the world. These include Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft.

What are the formats of game design courses?

Game design courses, as a matter of fact, are available in a range of different formats. These include university-level degrees and certification courses. To work for the companies above, you will need to have formal training in game design.

However, if you are just looking to improve your skillsets and develop a further understanding of your favorite hobby, a certification course can be beneficial.

Coolest courses in the world | What will you learn?

Some of the top concepts you will study in a game design course include –

  • Virtual reality processing
  • Graphics game engine
  • 3D modeling & animation

Another alternative course you can consider choosing is a certification program in mobile game development.

3. Pure mathematics and statistics 

Mathematics and statistics are the core skillsets that professionals must have in the corporate world. As a matter of fact, organizations and economies generate data on a daily basis, which are some pretty overwhelming numbers.

Such large amounts of data generation require professionals who understand mathematics and related technologies. These professionals break down the data that generates and create actionable strategies for an organization.

What are the benefits of pursuing this coolest course in the world?

Pursuing a pure mathematics and statistics course is one of the best decisions you can make if you want to improve your skillsets and earning potential.

Given that the world we live in is largely digital, not everyone can understand the complex amounts of information generated daily.

Therefore, if you want to stand apart from the competition and establish yourself as a valuable asset to your company, a mathematics course is an excellent choice to consider!

4. Clinical psychology

Students who want to learn about the theoretical concepts of Clinical Psychology should take the B.Sc. in Clinical Psychology.

Post the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increasing emphasis placed on mental health and wellbeing. Therefore, pursuing a course in clinical psychology and related courses can equip you with a wide range of skills needed to demonstrate effective mental & emotional coping strategies.

As professionals, they are often employed by a wide range of organizations. However, some professionals may even choose to establish their independent practices. Psychologists provide a wide range of services that include accurate diagnosis, counseling, and treatment of mental & emotional disorders.

What comes along with pursuing clinical psychology?

As a matter of fact, mental awareness campaigns for society are one of the core functions of humanitarian organizations and governments across the world.

Even if you do not consider pursuing psychology professionally, completing a certification course can equip you with the skills needed to manage your emotions healthily. It can directly impact your personal and professional performance across a wide range of niches in your life.

5. Hospitality and tourism 

Another industry that is seeing a surge in economic activity post the COVID-19 pandemic is the hospitality and tourism industry. A degree or certification course in one of the niches within this field can improve the career prospects you receive.

Hospitality and tourism courses take place at a distinguished university’s undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Owing to the bustling activity associated with this field, several business schools also offer management degrees in hospitality and tourism.

What will you learn with hospitality and tourism courses?

Pursuing a certification course in this field can give you useful opportunities to make additional sources of income. For example, if you hail from a city that attracts thousands of tourists every year, you can opt for a paid hobby such as working as a tour guide.

Hospitality management and tourism degrees often cover a wide range of concepts, including social competence and cross-cultural communication. As a matter of fact, these courses equip you with a wide range of leadership and professional competency skills.

6. Epidemiology

At the moment, the global demand for individuals with epidemiological expertise is high.

Knowing about the different types of diseases can be useful at any stage of your life. Epidemiology is a course that is centered on studying the causes and symptoms associated with different illnesses. The course also emphasizes how to prevent diseases from spreading.

A few things to keep in mind while pursuing an epidemiology course

While you can pursue this course as certification, you will need a graduate degree in the same to work in the following organizations-

  • Public health agencies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Laboratory facilities
  • Universities overseas

Coolest courses in the world | Core concepts!

Some of the core concepts you will cover in this course include-

  • Introduction to public health
  • Community health
  • Chronic diseases
  • Biostatistics
  • Spreading of communicable diseases

The COVID-19 pandemic has only served to emphasize the need for public awareness of different types of diseases. All in all, this certification work wonders in helping you achieve different kinds of professional goals.

7. Journalism

Do you enjoy exploring new topics and writing on different matters of interest? If yes, a certification or graduate course in journalism can be an excellent choice for you to consider.

Journalism is a highly intriguing and challenging field that often requires you to put your personal biases aside. From writing and publishing facts to conducting research and investigations into different topics, a career as a journalist is highly demanding and rewarding.

What will this course teach you?

A course in journalism will teach you the basics of keeping up to date with the latest events in the world. You will also be trained in how to present essential information as clearly and concisely as possible.

As a journalist, you will need to have an exceptionally bold communication style. You should also be able to mix different kinds of writing styles, have a clear memory, and have the drive to uncover the truth.

Some of the different types of journalism courses you can consider taking include-

  • Political journalism
  • Entertainment journalism
  • Sports journalism
  • Photojournalism
  • Investigative journalism

8. Philosophy

Are you one of those who likes to know about human values & reasoning, knowledge, and existence? If yes, pursuing a course in philosophy is a good decision to make.

As a subject, it covers a wide range of topics about human knowledge and existence. However, philosophy is one of the toughest courses to pursue at a graduate level.

The four branches of the course!

As a part of your philosophy course, you will learn about the following four branches –

  • History of philosophy
  • Logic
  • Practical philosophy
  • Theoretical philosophy

Coolest courses in the world | What will you learn?

In the study of philosophy, you will learn aspects such as mathematics, the universe, aesthetics, nature, and religion. Knowledge of the same can help you initiate compelling conversations with a concerned audience.

Philosophy, as a field, has contributed significantly to helping the world achieve rational and relevant knowledge. Philosophy has also contributed globally to the development of critical thinking abilities, a skill crucial for personal and professional goals.

9. Fine Arts

Fine Arts is a term that refers to the forms of creative expression that are visually pleasing and aesthetically appealing. It is a field that has proven to be one of the most effective forms of communication across the world.

If you have a flair for creativity and enjoy producing new kinds of art, a certification course in fine arts is a wonderful way to hone your talent and skills.

What will you learn in Fine Arts?

Through a course in fine art, you will be trained in the method of making your art conversible for people to understand. It often requires professionals who have a creative mind and an eye for detail.

As a discipline, fine art can be produced in several aesthetic forms. These include theatre, music, dance, architecture, design, animation, paintings, and more!

What are the specializations in this course?

Pursuing a fine art course can help you unleash your creativity and find new ways to express yourself and your ideas.

If you would like to pursue fine art at the university level, some of the top specializations you can choose from include-

  • Animation & graphic design
  • Painting
  • Interior design
  • Fashion design
  • Visual arts

10. Marketing 

Marketing is an industry that is regarded as one of the most popular fields in the world, and rightly so! As a matter of fact, this field produces a wide range of job opportunities on an annual basis, attracting thousands of professionals with relevant knowledge and skills.

With the increasing digitalization of the world as we know it, there is an argument that money does not need to be wasted on expensive degree courses. It is possible to become a successful professional in the field of marketing by pursuing a wide range of relevant certification courses.

What are the benefits of pursuing marketing courses?

Marketing is a sector that is evolving rapidly, creating an unending demand for creative and talented minds. The different niches within the realm of marketing also help you find opportunities that are suited to your requirements and interests.

Modern marketing is a complex area that straddles a wide range of marketing streams to reach a specific audience. All in all, during the course of your certification in marketing, you will learn about customer behavior and their needs.

In addition to this, marketing courses will also help you develop the relevant skills needed to create a brand and promote excellent sales strategies.


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